A    product     or     service   is   valuable    when   it   is   rare   and  unique. Once   it   starts  becoming  abundant  and    easy    to   find   anywhere,   it  loses its value and becomes a commodity. Dentistry  as a service    was    once   in   short   supply   and  was perceived as a very valuable service.   Today you   can   walk    into   any   commercial    plaza    or    street    mall   and you can find a dental  office tucked between the nail salon and the donut shop.

This     abundant     supply     of    dental    providers has created a change   in   people’s  perception and   even   within   the  dental  community   toward   the   value   of   dental  services. Dental offices have   been  trying  to gain the upper  hand by bringing the  cost   of  services down. However, this strategy   that   is  so effective   for   common   goods   like   salt   and   cotton  and ultimately benefit the consumer,  has   the  opposite  effect   in health services because in order to lower the  cost   of dental   services,   a dental provider has to cut corners   by  looking for cheaper materials, outdated technology,   laboratories   with questionable practices and poorly qualified staff   members.

Your   mouth   is   not   a  common good.  You have unique needs that require careful evaluation by highly   qualified    providers.    It   is    a    huge  mistake to “shop around” for the lowest cost dentist you can find  because   what   is   at   risk   is   your   health.   You   don’t  look for the most affordable cardiologist   or   obstetrician,   you   look    for    qualifications   and   positive   outcomes. The same criteria should be used when finding any other healthcare provider.

During   my   dental   training,   I had the opportunity to practice in remote rural areas of Colombia where   people  have   no  access   and   no  resources to pay for dental services. Since we worked with   portable dental equipment, we were only able to provide them with the very basic services, like   dental   fillings  and extractions. People were very appreciative, but I always   felt   somewhat frustrated   for   not being able to offer better dental care. I promised myself then that as   long as I was able to afford it, I would strive to give my patients access to the best available dentistry.

Today,  at our two offices in West Covina and Brea, we have the resources to provide our patients with   the   best  that dentistry has to offer. We set it up that way, because we believe that we can’t approach   today’s   dental   problems   with   last   century’s   technology.   I  love   ancient   dental equipment because it reminds me of the dentistry my dad and uncles used to provide, but   there  are very clear limitations to what you can find and treat   using   outdated   dental techniques and equipment.

Don’t shortchange   your  dental   health.   When it comes to the health of your smile, you only get one chance to get it right.

If you know somebody with a bad experience with the dentist.   Whether     it    is      your    spouse, parents,  family or    a      coworker,  let   us   know.  Our    doctors   are      available    for    a   quick conversation over-the-phone, by email, text or in person.

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