General Dentistry – Family Dentistry

Smile Design Advanced Dentistry knows that the little things are the most important which is why we pay attention to details. The most painful thing about visiting the Dentist is the time and money.

Paying attention to details helps saves patients thousands of dollars and time in the dental chair.

Our objective is to educate patients on how to take control of their dental health in order for them to save time and money.

Taking care of your dental health can help prevent:


Oral Cancers

Gum Diseases

Tooth Loss

And so much more including time and money!

Smile Design Advanced Dentistry ensures all patients know how to take care of their dental health and hygiene in order for them to have a better future.


We smile when we feel good but the process works both ways. If you force yourselve to smile, your brain assumes that you must be undergoing a pleasant experience. So remember that the next time that you’re feeling down, you can trick your brain into feeling happy!

Patients say:

“I love this dentist. They are so good and gentle. My whole family goes here and my girls (who are 7 and 5) love it here. They know our names, there’s never a long wait, and they are gentle with our treatments. Dr. Marin is a very good dentist. He explains everything thoroughly and my girls trust him while he does their treatment. I would recommend this dentist too anyone who is looking for one.”

Geneyem B.

“The friendliest staff I have ever encountered at a dentist’s office! I have no pain tolerance when it comes to my teeth but they are extremely patient and considerate to my pain. I no longer fear the dentist or the pain that usually comes with. You also receive a pillow while in the chair so you are comfortable as well. Overall I think I have found a dentist for life!”

Jade H.