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I walked into Smile Design after an embarrassing amount of time not going to the dentist. Of course i was a little nervous after it being so long, but the whole team was so kind and welcoming that it totally put me at ease. Each person who walked in genuinely asked how I was doing and got to know more about me, my family, and my business. And they all actually cared! They all have families themselves and really value family. The dentist came in and asked how I was doing and what concerns i had with my mouth. He listened and made me feel heard before even taking a look. When it came time to have some work done (cleaning and fillings), they were super gracious, quick, and GENTLE. They even numbed me before they gave me a shot. I didn't feel a thing. There isn't one rude person in the whole office. They're so sweet and fun and it feels like a family. So so thankful I found this place
I was a former patient of Dr. Sahyan. When I received his letter in the mail that he was retiring and he highly recommended the new dentist, Dr. Marin, I was a bit worried about the change. But I had major pain in my upper molar and decided to give Dr. Marin a chance. And I am so glad I did. He is so knowledgeable and takes time to explain what may be causing pain and sensitivity in my teeth. He is friendly and never seems rushed. He ensures I am completely numb to prevent any unnecessary pain. He gives professional and personal advice on how to take care of my teeth outside of the office. His staff is amazing... from Maggie in the front office to Myra as Dr. Marin's assistant, I continue to feel welcome and cared for every time I step into the lobby and dental chair. I highly recommend making an appointment to see Dr. Marin.