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Check Our New Dental Practice Toys (technology!)


NEW MEASURES ADOPTED AFTER THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK   There is no question that we can no longer continue practicing dentistry

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) : Guide to looking after yourselves and others through better oral hygiene

Given the current situation that many of us across the world find ourselves in, keeping great Oral Hygiene has arguably

What to do in a Dental Emergency

  Tips if Dental Emergency Arises WARNING : This tips are meant to be used as temporary measures until you

Can exercise really help you have a healthy smile ?

    A large number of the population suffer headaches, migraines, facial pain and pain in the neck and shoulder.

Why A Deep Cleaning May Not Cure Your Gum Disease.

Most people, including dentists understand gum disease as a chronic inflammation or infection of the gum and bone that support

Are you sick of being sick?

We clean, sterilize, disinfect, sanitize. Kids are not allowed to play in the dirt anymore, we now use antibacterial soaps,

What Happens When a Tooth Goes Missing?

What Happens When a Tooth Goes Missing? As you probably already know, my dad was a dentist as was my

Bad breath (Halitosis)

   Bad breath (Halitosis) Halitosis, Also Known As Bad Breath, is one of the most common and uncomfortable social problems.

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