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Do You Think I Have Trust Issues?

Feb 26, 2023
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Why is it that sometimes we find it so hard to put our well-being in the hands of another person? If you believe you have trust issues, you're in good company.

So, after several months of looking, I finally found a haircut place I can trust. I know, I’m a guy, “what’s the big deal?” Well, I have tried several stylists, but somehow it just doesn’t click for me. 

See, I’m not just looking for someone who can cut hair. I can do that myself (I’ve actually done quite a few times), but I believe that if you trust someone with the care of your hair, it should be a person who is truly passionate about delivering great service. The funny thing is, if I were to ask anyone if my hair looks any better, they would probably see no difference at all, but, I feel better. This stylist took her time, she asked questions about my lifestyle, asked for my feedback and went back and trimmed and perfected some more even after I mentioned that I was satisfied with the result. I can tell she is truly proud of the work she does. 

Sometimes I believe that being a restorative dentist can be a bit of a hurdle, because we’re so caught up in the tiniest little details about the right shape, size and color of tooth restorations, that we end up putting everyone else through a similar lens. In any case, if you think finding a hair stylist is difficult, just imagine the process that we go through when we choose a dental lab or a team member to work with. These people know that they need to bring their “A” game because unlike haircuts, most of the time patients don’t really get to see if their tooth filling or crown has a poor fit or a bad shape. They trust that we know what we’re doing and that we are providing them with outstanding service. 

It is unfortunate that so many providers have had to settle for less than ideal care practices due in large part by the strict limitations that insurance companies have placed upon dental professionals. We get patients all the time that come frustrated and disappointed with their previous dentist because their dental work has failed after the dentist chose to compromise on treatment options based on insurance restrictions. With this situation becoming more and more common it is no wonder patients have developed reservations about going to the dentist.


This is why a large part of my consult isn’t necessarily solving clinical dental problems but restoring good faith in dentistry and reassuring patients that there’s quite a few of us who are genuinely interested in helping and caring about the patient. In our office, we have made it our mission to change the perspective that people have about the dental experience, and in order to do that, we can’t be restricted to giving our patients only what the insurance thinks is best for them.

So, if you happen to have trust issues like me, rest assured that when it comes to dental treatment, we’re doing extensive screening of our team and vendors and we will always discuss the treatment that is in your best interest so you get results that go beyond the standard of care.