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Emergency Dentistry

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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry services offered in Brea, CA

You want a trusted dental provider to whom you can turn when an unexpected dental crisis occurs. Whether you break a tooth, have sudden tooth pain, or wake up with a swollen jaw, Oscar Marin, DDS, and his exceptional team at Smile Design Advanced Dentistry in Brea, California, can help. The team offers emergency dentistry when you can’t wait a day or weeks for an appointment. If you suffer a dental emergency, call today or use the online tool to check for open appointments.  

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

When should I use emergency dentistry? 

Emergency dentistry services help when you have a problem that can’t wait for a future appointment. Problems like sudden tooth pain, a swollen face, or a knocked-out tooth are all dental emergencies. Getting immediate care for these problems helps you avoid complications and tooth loss. 

Cases that deserve an emergency dentistry visit include:

  • A tooth abscess
  • Broken restorations
  • Damage to the gums or tongue
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Damaged or knocked-out tooth

If you’re not sure your case is an “emergency,” call the office. The friendly team at Smile Design Advanced Dentistry can give you recommendations about when to seek care.

How do you treat dental emergencies?

The initial treatment for your emergency aims to stop pain and prevent further damage. The Smile Design Advanced Dentistry team then does some investigating to get at the root cause of your problem. 

Treatment depends on your particular case, but may include: 

Root canals

If you have infected pulp deep inside your tooth, it can cause excruciating pain, sensitivity, and swelling. The team can perform an emergency root canal to resolve the infection.


If you have an infected or damaged tooth that can’t be saved, an emergency extraction can resolve your problem. At later appointments, the team can discuss replacement solutions like partial dentures or dental implants. 

Knocked-out tooth

If you have a tooth knocked out because of a sports injury or fall, come to the office of Smile Design Advanced Dentistry right away. Hold the tooth in its socket or in a cup of milk as you make your way to treatment. If you act quickly enough, the tooth may be restored. 

Broken or knocked-out restorations

If you have a broken crown, knocked-out filling, or damaged dentures, the team at Smile Design Advanced Dentistry can provide a temporary restoration and schedule your permanent replacement. 

How can I prevent the need for emergency dentistry?

Emergencies can’t always be prevented, but you can reduce your risk of experiencing one. Wear proper gear, including helmets and mouthguards, when participating in contact sports. 

Make it a priority to visit Smile Design Advanced Dentistry at the first signs of dental sensitivity or discomfort. Early intervention can avoid the development of severe pain, abscesses, and tooth loss. 

Maintaining good dental hygiene at home and regular professional cleanings also help you prevent the decay and gum disease that can turn into painful emergencies. 

Call Smile Design Advanced Dentistry or use the online tool to check for appointments if you have a dental emergency.